5 Tips to Sell Your House Fast


If you have owned a property for sometime then you will know that you can get used to your own decor, walls that used to be brilliant white become faded, the sticking door you meant to fix keeps jamming and creaking, it all just becomes normal.

You have the best intentions of getting everything fixed and painted, but you never seem to find the time.

And that’s ok if you are happy with it, but if circumstances change, then the need for a refresh becomes necessary.

There may be the need for you have to sell your house fast. But you know if that is the case, then there are some simple, cheap and effective ways to get your house ready to sell.

Time For The Paintbrushes

Time For The Paintbrushes - Sell House Fast Liverpool

Paint your walls in light neutral colours; the difference this can make to a house cannot be overstated. You don’t necessarily have to re-paper the house; you can always paint over existing wallpaper, making the process much more cost effective and quicker.

Doing this will make the rooms appear not only brighter but bigger. And the illusion of space is a big benefit to help you gain a quick house sale.

Adding mirrors to a home creates the illusion of space even more so, this is a great idea for a small bathroom. Adding a large mirror on the wall appears to make the bathroom twice as large. They say the two main rooms that sell a house are the bathroom and kitchen.

Neat Home Presentation

Neat Home Presentation - Sell House Fast Liverpool

So make sure these rooms are presented as neatly as possible, if you are going to be showing potential buyers around, make sure you set the table first. This gives a real homely feel to the house and makes potential buyers feel comfortable, they can visualise themselves sitting around the table enjoying a family meal.

This is a big factor in a house sale, the potential buyer has to visualise themselves as the owner, so you need to make sure you make it feel as homely as possible. Soft furnishings and warm colours add to the effect.

Decluttering Is Key

Decluttering Is Key - Sell House Fast Liverpool

One thing you have to do is de-clutter your rooms, there is nothing worse than walking into a hallway and seeing a couple of bikes and muddy shoes lying around. Have a good tidy up before viewings, put stuff way you wouldn’t normally, you have to remember this is about presenting the house for a sale, so do everything you can to help that process along.

Allow for plenty of light the enter the rooms, open all of the curtains and make sure the windows are clean, if the weather is nice then be sure to open a window and allow the room to be as fresh as possible. But be careful not to use too many air fresheners as this can be off putting for some people.

First Impressions Count

And first impressions count so ask yourself, does the front of the house look nice? Are the gutters leaking and could the paintwork do with a refresh. This is the first thing a potential buyer is going to see, so make sure you do the best to make it presentable.

If need be cut the grass and clear any leaves from the lawn. Once you have taken these measures you will see a marked difference in the presentation of the property.

This really helps you to achieve a quick house sale, and you can be enjoying the sale and the profits gained. And remember these are not expensive measures to take to make a big difference in the appearance of your property.

So why not bust out the paintbrush and you can be making a start today to make a real difference to a house in no time at all.

If you need to sell your home quickly then why not contact Sell House Fast Liverpool, and we will do all we can to help make your sale complete quickly.

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