How To Prepare Your House For Viewings


Staging your home for a viewing is about maximising your property’s best assets. You want to show potential buyers how good it could be to live there, after all, first impressions count.

So how do you show off your home in the best light? Hint, it’s a lot more than a lick of paint. Read on for Sell House Fast Liverpools tips to maximise your home’s full potential.

1. Drive by appeal

Potential buyers may decide to drive by your property before they book a viewing. So, be sure to tidy up the front of your house. Clean the windows, and give the front door and frames a lick of paint. You could even buy some potted flowers and hanging baskets. Remember first impressions count and the front of your home will set the tone for potential viewers. 

2.Clean up

Seems like an obvious one. But, nothing is more unappealing than dirt and grime. Go a little deeper than vacuuming and dusting. Look at your curtains, skirting boards, sofas and even your carpets. Roll up your sleeves and give your property a deep clean in all the nooks and crannies. 

3.  Declutter

Potential buyers want to envisage what your home will look like for them. Making every room as spacious as possible will allow for maximum impact. So, before the start of your viewing be sure to have a good sort through of your possessions. This may mean investing in temporary storage, either at a unit or asking a family member or friend to look after your items. 

4. Get the garden looking good

If your home has a garden then this will already be an advantage. However, an unkempt and overgrown garden can quickly become unappealing. Potential buyers don’t want to think about spending extra money and time on improving the garden. So spend some time tidying up the garden, mowing the lawn, planting flowers and fixing any broken furniture. 

5. Look at your repairs 

It may seem like a lot, but fixing broken furnishings and fixtures is essential. Just like your garden, no potential buyer will want to pick up the bill for your repairs. Make a checklist of anything that clearly needs fixing, peeling wallpaper, broken taps or cupboards. Go through and check them all off the list. 

6. Create a pleasing scent

Scents are linked to our emotions. Creating a natural scent that is pleasing to your potential buyers will be a big bonus. They won’t want to walk into a house that smells of dirty bins, dampness or pets. Air fresheners and scented candles can be a little heavy. Opt for something like freshly baked bread, no one can resist the smell and it makes your potential buyers feel more at home.

You could also try a stovetop potpourri of lemons, rosemary and vanilla extra. Boil the ingredients in a pan and walk it through every room. The lovely natural scent won’t be too heavy and wafts gently throughout your home. 

7. Rearrange furniture

Right now your furniture is arranged to suit your living habits and taste. However, the way you have it set up may be unappealing to a potential buyer. Make Sure main walkways are kept clear and make the most out of the space you have. Remember, you want buyers to envisage what it will be like if they were to buy your home. 

8. Think about the kitchen

Consider the kitchen as the centre of any home. It’s where you go to make your family a lovingly home-cooked meal or treat. It’s also where people head to at parties and gatherings. It’s where the conversations and memories happen. So you’ll want to make it as inviting as possible. Make any necessary repairs and give your oven and microwave a good clean as well. Grease builds up over time due to cooking, so give the cupboards and extractor fan and good scrub with some warm soapy water. Make sure you’ve changed the bins too, no one wants to smell rotting waste. 

9. Update the decor

You may love the decor you currently have, but your potential buyers might not. Marks on walls, grubby carpets or chipped paint can be pretty unsightly. So get out the paintbrush and give your home a little refresh. You can visit an interiors website or go on Pinterest to see what’s trending in interiors right now. You don’t want to go too crazy with the colours, so opt for neutral colour palettes. 

10. Get rid of any signs of pets

Your four-legged friend is a part of your family and you love them dearly. However, not everyone is an animal lover. Cat litter trays can leave a lingering smell and pets can leave hair all over the place. Be sure to remove all signs of pets before your viewing, especially if a potential buyer is allergic. 

11.  Look at the bathroom

Just like the kitchen, your bathroom is another staple within the home. It’s where you go to get cleaned up and for some, it’s where they go to relax after a hard day. No one wants to walk into a dirty bathroom. Clear away toiletries or any kid’s toys, pick up the bathroom mat and any towels and open the window. The bathroom is also a breeding ground for mildew and mould. So be sure to give it a good scrub before your viewings. 

12.  Depersonalise

 Your home may hold a lot of sentimentalities. However, when you’re looking to sell you need to remove the emotional attachments. Remove anything that is overly personalised such as family photos or kid’s drawings on the fridge. Your potential buyer wants to see how they fit their lives into the property.

13.  Stage your home for maximum impact 

Stage your property as though it were a show home. Think about how those homes look, free from clutter, they smell fresh and look super clean. 

Add small finishing touches such as a small fruit bowl in the kitchen. Lighting can also have a big impact on viewings. So be sure to open all the windows to let in natural light, and check your light fittings work. And as we said before, when you have something baked in the oven beforehand, the smell of freshly baked bread is irresistible. 

Remember, first impressions count. Especially when it comes to selling your home. You may have to spend a little time and money to get it right, but your return on investment will be worth it. 

If you need help in selling your home and need to speak to a specialist house buyer who can close quickly no matter what the condition of the property, contact Sell House Fast Liverpool today and one of the team will be on hand to help you. Why not call today.

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